Graduate from the American School of Modern Music of Paris with years of teaching experience, my music lessons are tailored for each student. I write most of the teaching material myself, allowing a precise and targeted tuition.

Fluent in both classical and popular music, I offer the younger sudents an all-around vision of music, presenting them with styles they more rarely hear everyday.

More than just technique, it’s a real tradition I try to pass on to my students : the tradition of living music, a vehicle of great joy in the world!

Topics covered (depending on the orientation taken by the student) :

-guitar : all levels/ages ; classic/jazz/rock

-music theory

-jazz harmony



Individual or group lessons, french or english speaking

Location of lessons : 9 rue Cingria, 1205 Genève

Contact :  e-mail :

                téléphone : +41.79.372.13.89

Guitar lessons in Geneva with graduate teacher